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MPC2500 instructional DVD Part 1 starts with the Front, all the buttons, knobs and sliders as we explain how they work with the new MPC software then we cover the back with cable hookup. Next we start to explain all the features and how you can use them to make music. this DVD is over 1.5 hours long.



MPC2500 instructional DVD Part 2 we take the sample turn it into a patch phrase and use it in a sequence we put it in a program, next we setup the right BPM (beats per minute), then we need to select a track to record on, here we cover all aspects of the sequence window with over 1.5 hours of lessons.



The MPC2500 was the first mpc to have a chassis for hard drive instalation. We sell MPC2500 Hard Drives, a 160GB for storage of data, To use it you need to format it and then your good to go. Checkout the Hard Drives in our online store.



MPC2500 Compact Flash Card:Get the phattest samples around were the Samples Kings we got Big, Phatt, JuciySamples for you get our Full Collection 1GB Compact Flash Card with over 3500 samples.



Get a 128 MB Memory card, just $30 and max out your mpc2500 get 24min 28sec recording time in mono and 12min 14sec in stereo. With out this card you only get 136sec in MONO and 68sec in stereo so if you want to take longer samples you need more memory. Get the max.


AKAI MPC2500 Video Clips

AKAI MPC2500: Time Compression 1
AKAI MPC2500: Time Compression 2
AKAI MPC2500:Sampling Part 2
AKAI MPC2500:Sampling
AKAI MPC2500:Installing Hard Drive
AKAI MPC2500:Sample Slicing