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This DVD starts off with the front, we explain the buttons, pads, knobs, and sliders, work with the software to give you a better understanding . We set up the back with the right cables, we install the memory card, and DVD rom drive. Next it's music MPC5000 DVD Part 1.



On the AKAI MPC5000 DVD PART 2 we take the sample we turned into a patch phrase and use it in a sequence, put it in a program, setup the right BPM (beats per minute), we need to select a track to record on, and much more



Next we make a beat with the loop and do a little time correction throw some samples in, apply some swing, and get Mix levels. Then we use the new synth section, first we got to setup a midi keyboard to trigger the synth sounds then record vocals in the new system click on this link MPC5000 DVD Part 3.



Compact Flash Cards get the phattest samples around were the Samples Kings we got Big, Phatt, JuciySamples for you get our Full Collection 1GB Compact Flash card with over 3500 samples.


AKAI MPC5000 DVD's Video Clips

AKAI MPC5000 DVD 1 The Front
AKAI MPC5000 DVD 1 The Back
AKAI MPC5000 Track Mute Part 1
AKAI MPC5000 Track Mute Part 2
AKAI MPC5000: Installing DVD ram Drive
AKAI MPC5000: Installing Memory
AKAI MPC5000 Time Compression
AKAI MPC5000 Patchphrase 1
AKAI MPC5000 Patchphrase 2