Pro Tools M-BOX 2 PRO DVD

ProTools M-Box Instructional DVD

The Pro Tools M-Box 2 PRO Instructional DVD

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For us Pro Tools is a great way to go for audio recording and mixing. This video is all about using the Pro Tools M-Box 2 Pro to record your songs and mix them. You'll learn how to set up your MBox 2 Pro to your computer, which cables to use, how to add phaton power to the Mic that needs it and how to use the inputs and outputs on the back. You'll learn about audio files like .SDII, .wav, and .AIFF, and how to import them and export them, in and out of your session. We cover how to record and edit midi information so you can fix any mistakes and even improve midi data for your production. The M-Box 2 Pto has 2 input and 2 outputs, which we use to show you how to record great vocals and music tracks. The mixer section will show you how to make groups, mix groups, how to use aux send whether the mono or stereo. Pro Tools M-Box 2 Pro is the one of the best recording software and hardware packages for under $500 and we'll teach you how to get the most out of it. To ORDER with YOUR CREDIT CARD ONLINE Click here.

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