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THE PRO TOOLS MIXING & MASTERING DVDs, you get 5 in all, over 9 hours long, over 80 all new lessons, like Speakers & Acoustic, Setup, The Mixer, Signal Flow, Inserts, Plug-in Setting, Inserts to Sends, Sends to Returns, Master Tracks, Mixing Concepts, Volume & Panning, The Mechanics of Sound, Mixing and EQ, EQ High & Low Pass Filtering, EQ High and Low Shelf, EQ Key Controls, Kick Drum EQ, Snare Drum EQ, Bass EQ, EQ Tips & Tricks, Intro to Dynamics, Using the DYN 3 Compressor Limiter, Using a Gate Expander with Vocals, Drums, using the Desser on vocals, using the BF76 compressor, how to setup Parallel Compressor, work the D-Verb, How to use Delays in Mixing, AIR Creative Process, Mixing with Automation, Plug-in Automation, Automation Planning, Mixing Tips, and Referencing A Mix, referencing is when we use a song by an artist that we like to compare some elements we want to emulate like, a bass and kick drum's EQ's, to the song we're working on, it's a great way to check and see if we are on the right track. Next lesson shows how to keep healthy mixing habits so you don't get lost in the mixing process. Now you may need to prepare the song or songs for a master to send out to a mastering engineer or your going to do it yourself we explain in detail what the problems could be and what to do with either scenario. In the next lesson we teach the best ways to bounce files out of Pro Tools for mastering, whether your using bounce to disk from File in the menu bar or doing an internal bounce in the session in real time, you need to get it right and understand the pitfalls. When everthing is said and done you need to give your music that commercial sound, it needs to be Mastered, so no mater where it plays it's got the right level. In the next lesson we explore the best way, if you can't afford a mastering engineer, you can do it in pro tools, make sure your ready with a Limiter (Maxim), compressor and a Eq these bacis plug-in's will help. You can see some video clips below for a preview s of these DVDs. After these 5 DVDs your mixing skills will jump to the next level and your good to go. Click here to video previews

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