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The REASON 4.0 Instructional DVD

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PDF Manuals: Reason Ref Reason Quick Start

These DVDs, over 3.5 hours of lessons, covers all the steps you need to get started with setting up your Reason software on your computer then using it to make music. We start with the startup of your system and installing the reason software. Next we pull out our midi controller load it's drivers in to the system, we use an oxygen 8, we explain how use the midi controller, load up some .rx samples and loops that come with the Reason software and we start to build a beat with redrum. We explain step by step how to load and edit keyboard sounds from NN19, Matrix, etc. before you play keyboard parts. Then we teach you how to use the sequencer to record and fix mistakes in your recording. The we setup a verse, chorus and a bridge to make a song. We add more music to our song then it's time to bounce down the song to make an audio file. This DVD covers just what you need to know to work your Reason to create music.

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