THE REASON 5.0 DVD's (4)

reason instructional dvd

The REASON 5.0 Instructional DVD's (4)

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PDF Manuals: Reason Ref Reason Quick Start

These DVDs, over 7.5 hours of lessons, covers all the steps you need to get started with setting up your Reason software on your computer then using it to make music. We start with the startup of your system and Setup on your computer which includes memory and power setting understanding how to use the preferences Menu for setting up everything from Audio to MIDI and Keyboard Controllers and Control interfaces, we use the Axiom Pro 61, we explain the Menu options in Reason, how to use the midi controller, teach you how to load up your rack and how to use the mixer when loading up Instruments, Effects and Mixers and line amps and much more. We explain step by step how to load and edit sounds from all the modules like NN19, Matrix, Malstrom, Subtractor, Combinator, Kong, Dr. Rex, NN-XT, etc. You'll learn how to use the sequencer to record and edit any mistakes, edit notes, edit automation, overdub, record in sync, and move notes build tracks, work with the new block feature mix and automate the mix. We take it step by step to make it easy for you to understand how to do it the right way. Look below and see some of the lessons offered in these DVDs (4) that cover everything you need to know to work your Reason 5.0 and Record to create music.

•Setup on Computer
•Memory & Power on your computer system
•Working with Drives and Directoires
•Setting up the audio Interface
•Interfacing Reason & Record
•Understanding Thor
•How to use the Subtractor
•working Malstrom
•Using the NN-19
•Rocking Kong Drum Programming
•Combinator Lessons

•using Dr. Octo Rex
•Understanding Redrum•Mixing & Routing
•reMix MX 28-4-14
•Recording audio
•Using MicroMIX •Spider Audio
•Spider CV
•Takes recording and comping recording •Punching in to replace bad audio
•Working Effects MClass Lessons•Understanding MIDI •Rewire with the top softwares including Pro Tools and much more
•Working the RV-7 Reverb
•Using the RV 7000 Reverb
•Using DDL-1 Digital Delay Line
•Using ECF-42
•CF-101 Chorus Flanger
•PH-90 Phaser Effect •Step edit record
•Understanding Quantizing
•Piano scroll window
•PEQ-2 2 Band EQ
•Scream 4
•Importing prerecorded audio
•BV512 Vocoder

•Beat mapping the project
•Working with notes and compsition
•Tools for mixing and setup
•Routing audio signals
•Working panning features
•Working inserts EQ
•Aux Sends&Returns
•Bounce down and alt mixes

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