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roland fantom instructional dvd part 1roland fantom instructional dvd part 2


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This a really nice keyboard plus it's got drum pads, it's about time someone did that, I don't like doing drums and a keyboard I like pads. The Fantom is a unique series of keyboards from Roland they have good sounds and a cool setup. This DVD covers everything you need to know to work it any Fantom right. The first thing we do is turn it around and look at the back get our cables ready and setup an audio out an audio in look for a computer hookup like a usb and we get it. Next we show you how the front works we touch and talk about every button, knob, pad, touch screen and fader so you understand the Fantom's operating system this is important because once you know where it's all at you know how it works. Now after we've done that, and there are a lot of controls, we start to make a beat. First we select a track pick a sound maybe edit that sound then we need to tell the sequencer how many bars we plan to use, what's the timing or quantize value we want whether it's 1/4 note, 1/8 note, or 1/16 note. I need to record on a track and I might need to erase it if I don't like it and do it all over again. We show it all so you can get it right. Next we keep adding tracks once we get the drums down. Checkout this short DVD preview. We got our keyboardist in Dave to play the keys and Kaleb our head assistant helps with the the programming. next it's that time again time to sample we get one of our CD's out and do it right. This DVD is in depth and has a lot of info so when you get it you will learn more then you thought. When your done with it it's to move on to the The Roland Fantom Part 2 DVD. To ORDER with YOUR CREDIT CARD ONLINE Click here.


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