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We started sampling in The Roland Fantom DVD part 1, we set the sampler to record in stereo, set the bit depth, made sure of the sample length, and got our input levels just right. We got the sample and started to chop it up to get what we need and throw out what we don't need. We selected a key on the keyboard to trigger the sample and now we're ready to put it on the track. In this DVD we place the sample in our song but first we need to loop it so first we pull up tap tempo to check the speed of our sample, next we go back to the sequence and reset the grid. Next we show you how to sample modify and change the sample to time stretch it so we can play it at any speed and keep the same pitch or tuning. To check the tempo you can mute the drums and check the loop with the track. Watch this part very carefully to understand what to do there are a lot of move to make to get it right. Once you have the tracks up you need to save now before we saved it was without the samples now we have the samples so it will take longer you need to understand how to save it all and then how to load it back in so we don't lose any data from our song. Once we have a track we like I'd like to mix the music down so that means get levels add effects and listen for problems and get it just the way we like. This DVD covers everything you need to know to complete your lessons on this unique keyboard from Roland. To ORDER with YOUR CREDIT CARD ONLINE Click here. Click here to mail IN ORDER FORM WITH POSTAL MONEY ORDER.

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