We started Sample Kings about 16 years ago in a place called the Music Building in Jamaica a section of Queens, New York. Over the years a lot of Rock bands and Rappers worked there like Metalica, White Snake, Anthrax, LL Cool J, Jam Master Jay Productions, ONYX, Lost Boys, Guru, Ultra Megnetic and many more. I use to work out of a studio called 1212 around 1988, in the Music building, and I had a small home studio setup. I would meet some acts who hired me to do demo's at home first, if we worked well together we'd book some time in the studio. I had a small drum machine called a Roland D110. I use to spend hours so I could master programming any beat, I would listen to records, especially the drummers, and I would recreate the beat on my drum machine. I got pretty good at it but the drum sounds were just factory setups.

Then I got an SP1200 after I worked with one at 1212 studio's with this really great engineer, called Paul C, he use to work with Rah Kim and many of the big rap acts back in the day, he taught me a lot about recording mixing and how to use an SP1200 best way to use it and the sound was so hot I had to get one. After about 2 weeks of playing with every feature on it, about 8 hours a day, I mastered the SP12/SP1200. I got so good at it I could sample and loop in less then 3 minutes. Word spread that I was fast and could loop anything and of course make phat beats, I was in the right place and the right time. 4 months later I opened mym own studio in 1989 we had a few acts that came in to my small studio that went on to become very famous in the New York Rap scene like A Tribe called Quest, Lord Finesse, Mikey D, Super Lover Cee, and Large Professor.

In 1993 I moved into the Music building with my own studio and met a guy named the Wizard O and we formed the Sample Kings and moved to manhattan on 23rd st. and Park ave. Over the next 9 years we worked with a lot of labels, including Atlantic Records, Epic Records, Virgin Records, Tommy Boy Records, Bad Boy Ent., Universal Records, Raptivism Ent., Def Jam Ent. and Sal La Soul Records and artist including Chubb Rock, Guru, Royce da 59, Ndea Davenport Masta Ace, Big Daddy Kane, Dead Prez, Onyx, Cuban Link, SWV, Wu Tang Members, and producers like Easy Mo Be, Alchemist, and Premo. We kept buying new gear, we always loved the toys and of course we we're computer geeks and learned how to work any software we got our hands on.

Back then we use to get a lot of questions from our clients about how to sample beats and general recording questions. At the time the Internet was just starting out and the process to make videos was more expensive then but we did it any way feeling it was the way to go.
Since then we've learned more about our customers, new musical equipment, recording software for computers, and how to make DVD's and built websites. It has been a great experience, a lot of fun and we still
love it. We started an online school last year and that has been a great experience for our members and us as well. With new members joining every month we feel it’s the way to go in the future.
From now until the end of this year 2012 we will offer more products from software like logic, Digital Performer and Reason's to new workstations like the new AKAI MPC Renaissance, Maschine & Maschine Mikro MK2, and much more. If you have any suggestion or comments please feel free to e-mail us at and Thanks again for your patience and support.