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PDF Manuals: MOTIF Manual MPC1000 Manual

This DVD is about using a combination setup where we use one machine for drums (mpc1000) and one for keyboards (Motif). We start out with our setup first we hookup our cables, for midi and audio, then we start making a beat on the MPC1000. Next we make several patterns for a song form, set them in a sequence on individual tracks, then we set our midi track for or triton. We want to record the midi Data on the MPC1000 in sequence mode on midi tracks. Now we go to our Motif/6 go to multi mode pick the sound that we want to use we set the mpc in motion and we record our tracks. After the tracks are done we add effects, mix levels, even change sounds to get the right flow to our music on our Motif. The setup is great for getting an idea together and making tracks no matter what kind of music you're producing Hip-Hop, R&B, Club/House, Drum & Bass, sequencing MIDI or performing live, this MPC-Motif combo can do the job with ease. And you'll get the the best way to save and load your samples and midi data whether its to floppy disk, a zip disk, etc. This DVD covers everything you need to know, and here's a little video cilp preview of our DVD. This setup is great for creating tracks using these two top selling production instruments. To ORDER with YOUR CREDIT CARD ONLINE Click here.

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