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The Yamaha Motif Instructional DVD It's got a great sampler that can slice up a loop sample and then place each slice on keyboard separate keys to use any way you like. You can select sounds from sound banks and switch them at any time. You can mute tracks in the sequencer section as you play back your song, checkout our video clips below to see some tips.



The Yamaha Motif ES Instructional DVD Part 1 Well the first thing we do is setup audio and MIDI cables so we can get the audio system ready for playback and use the midi for sequencing. After we explain the back we work on the front and explain all the buttons, knobs, and sliders to help understand how the Motif system works checkout some of the video clips below.



Yamaha Motif ES Instructional DVD Part 2 Here we start with how to sample on your Motif, how to trunciate the ends how to time strech the sample and how to loop any sample check out the video clips below for more.



The Yamaha Motif-MPC1000 Instructional DVD This DVD is about using a combination setup where we use one machine for drums (mpc1000) and one for keyboards (Motif). We start out with our setup first we hookup our cables, for midi and audio, then we start making a beat on the MPC1000.



The Yamaha Motif-MPC2000/MPC2000XL Instructional DVD

We start out using our mpc for the sampling and sequencing, the mpc can lock sync to SMPTE, MTC (midi time code), and midi beat, and the sampler as more sample time as well.........



The Yamaha Motif-MPC4000 Instructional DVD We like to set up all our cables first I start with the MIDI cables then it's on to the audio hookup, always make sure that your volume is very low before you start, check out the video clips below for more..



Yamaha Motif ES Rack Instructional DVD

After getting a lot of calls from client about having problems with the Motif ES and Motif XS Racks we knew it was time to do a video. I like to test the output of my Motif first then check the level on the mpc check out the video clips below for more.


Yamaha Motif Video Clips

Yamaha Motif DVD: The Back
Yamaha Motif DVD:The Front
Yamaha Motif DVD:The Front 2
Yamaha Motif ES DVD: The Front
Yamaha Motif ES DVD: The Front 2
Yamaha Motif ES DVD: The Back
Yamaha Motif ES DVD:Sampling a Beat
Yamaha Motif ES DVD:Sample edit
Yamaha Motif ES DVD:Samples from Computers