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The AKAI MPC TOUCH was the first sampler sequencer, with a multi touch screen like any iPhone, iPad, or Android device, from AKAI it's UI (User Interface) is well thought out and easy to use, and once you see our lessons your on your way. It gets it's power from a laptop computer, Mac or PC, or desktop, with an audio interface. The Akai MPC TOUCH is a fully integrated hardware/software system that allows you to construct and create songs using the classic MPC controls and an LCD Multi TOUCH display that has made this MPC a known name in the world of music production, while incorporating an intuitive software program for sequencing on your computer. Along with legendary controls, and solid MPC pads, the MPC TOUCH features Akai’s exclusive MPC software with 128-track sequencing, instant mapping and real-time adjustment of VST plug-ins, and a 10GB+ sound library that will vastly expand your production capabilities on your Mac or PC. In this instructional series we covered every feature like, how to setup your computer, loading all the samples, creating a beat, sequencing the pattern, using it as a plugin and much more. You'll learn more then you think including:

  • Setting up Audio preferences
  • Setting up MIDI preferences
  • Optimizing Computer performance
  • Understanding The Menus
  • Working with the Browsers
  • Loading Samples from Hard Drive
  • Software Setup and
  • Working with Tabs
  • Learning file management
  • Exporting Audio
  • Searching and auditioning samples
  • Sample Rates
  • Setting up Q-Links
  • Recording MIDI
  • Recording Audio
  • Preparing to record audio
  • Using Mute Group
  • Understanding the workflow
  • Setting up Samples for editing
  • Mixing in program Mix mode
  • Loading .rex .mp3 .wav files
  • Setting up Q-link with different parameters
  • Recording in Arrangement view
  • Recording in Arrangement view
  • Recording from session view
  • Working theMixer
  • Working the Prog mixer
  • Using sends and returns
  • Using Sample rates preferences •Grouping Pads
  • Using Effects devices
  • Understanding EQ
  • Filters
  • Compressors and dynamic processors
  • Importing and exporting Files
  • Setting up effects
  • MIDI Editing
  • Creating rhythmic patterns
  • Building parts in Keygroups
  • Automation and editing
  • Looping audio
  • Looping Tracks
  • Creating tracks that loop smoothly
  • Exporting audio
  • Song Mode
  • Virtual Instruments
  • Plugins
  • work with DAWs like Live 8, Pro tools and Logic
  • Just follow along with our step by step lesson plan, on 3 DVDs and you can't go wrong. We cover it all to make it easy for you to learn the best way to use the AKAI MPC TOUCH in your musical production. Remember we're the Sample Kings we do it right.

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