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LOGIC PRO X is a great software period. It took a while to install must have about 15 GB of samples, plenty of Keyboards, Synths, and a drum sequencer and it does everything you need from mixing to mastering, you can even add video, sync it in and it looks great this is APPLE at it's best.

Our LOGIC PRO X DVDs series comes with 5 DVDs over 8 hours with 90+ lessons on the use of every feature from setup of audio and MIDI preferences with your interface to making a File for use as a CD or MP3 file for download. You'll learn every aspect of this Phatt music production software including:

•Setting up Audio preferences
•Setting up MIDI preferences
•Optimizing Computer performance
•Arrange view
•Working the many Windows
•Using screensets
•The Transport window
•Using the toolbox
•Naming tracks and regions
•Custom key commands
•Setting up for Recording

•Setting up thte click tracks
•Understanding tempo •Recording live instruments and Vocals
•Using the
•Recording audio
•Amps and Guitars •Pedal
•Using amps pedals and effects on loops
•Takes recording and comping recording •Punching in to replace bad audio
•Working with varispeed to create tape machine effect •Understanding MIDI •Logic's synths
•Working the emulator
•Using the ESX sampler
•Make track with Ultrabeat
•Using channel strips
•The basics of MIDI
•MIDI with cycle record•Step edit record
•Understanding Quantizing
•Piano scroll window
•Hyper View
•Hyper editor
•Event list
•Importing prerecorded audio into logic
•Apple loops
•Makinig your own apple loops
•Mastering the new Flex time•Beat mapping the project
•Working with notes and compsition
•Tool for mixing and setup
•Routing audio signals
•Working panning features
•Working inserts EQ
•Aux Sends&Returns
•Bounce down and alt mixes

Each lessons is step by step, easy to follow, and easy to understand to help you master LOGIC PRO X for your musical production. To see a few video previews about our LOGIC PRO X Instructional DVDs we setup a few of our videos lessons from our DVDs below check them out and see just what you'll learn from our LOGIC PRO X Instructional DVDs.

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