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proteus 2000 instructional dvd


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PDF Manuals: PROTEUS2000

The Proteus is a cool little module made by EMU we got one and like it a lot its got really good sounds and everyone I know who has one loves it. This DVD starts off with the back of the Proteus 2000 The rear panel has two midi ins, A and B, allowing 32 channel midi operation. Both A and B have a midi thru, while the midi out is on A only and Output pairs 2 and 3 can be used with send/return cables to route internal sounds out to an effects processor and then back again. So we can hook it up to our system and show you just what you need to do on your's. Next we explore all the buttons and knobs like the, Four Realtime Control Knobs, the Audition Button, the Multimode Button, Home/Enter Button, Control Button,and the Data/Entry Wheel and their functions cause some of them have more than one. Now while doing this we go thru the operating system and show you all the pages and what they do. The four real time knobs allow you to Tone, Presence, Shape, Image, Attack, Decay, Movement Rate, Dynamic 1, Dynamic 2, FX/A, FX/B, to sounds which is a lot to help you get the sound you want that alone took sometime to explain but it's all here for you. We go thru all of it to get you going in the right direction. Just watch and learn how to use it with and external sequencer in this DVD we use a MPC1000 and a keyboard to trigger the sounds to make a little track for the demo. Once your done with this DVD your on your way to using it in your studio for more fun then before.

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EMU Proteus 2000:The Back
EMU Proteus 2000:The Front
EMU Proteus 2000:The Front 2
EMU Proteus 2000 Specification

• Type: Synth/ module/
• Synthesis Type: Digital Accoustic simulation Rompler don't know with 32 MB (exp. to 128MB MB of ROM
• Polyphony:
◦ Max: 128
◦ Typical in use: N/A
• Multi-timbral (number of parts): 32!
• Oscillators per Voice :
◦ Min : ?
◦ Max : 64?
• Controllers : via MIDI & 4 front panel knobs
• Effects :
◦ Number of FX units : 2
◦ Number of different effects : 60 algorithms
• Drum Section :
◦ Number of Drum Kits : tons
◦ Number of Drum sounds : tons
• Keyboard :
◦ Number of Keys :
◦ Can send on 32 simultaneous MIDI channels
◦ Responds to : velocity, after-touch
◦ Sounds can be split by :
• Memory :
◦ Patches : 512 built-in
◦ Performances : n/a
• Inputs and Outputs :
◦ Number of Audio Outs (excluding Phones) : 6
◦ Number of Audio Ins : 4
◦ Number of MIDI Outs (excluding Thru) : 2
◦ Number of MIDI Ins : 2
• Upgrade Options : Four slots each accepting 32 MB in expansion, either cards or samples created by Emu samplers.