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asr10/eps instructional dvd


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The EPS/EPS+/ARS/ASR-10 Sampling Recorder with SCSI provides you with a complete digital production studio. These high-quality samplers integrate an effects processor, a MIDI sequencer, and a digital tape recorder -- all in one easy-to-use instrument checkout this. Create great 16-bit samples in stereo or mono, with up to 16 MB of sample memory. Then, shape your sounds using the EPS/ASR's extensive voice architecture and editing features like stacking and layering samples, here's some help. The EPS/ASR DVD shows you how to use its powerful onboard effects processor just checkout this small about this DVD. Sixty-two effects algorithms offer many creative possibilities. You can sample through effects such as EQ or compression to condition your sound upon input, or resample a sound multiple times through different effects. Always save and load after every sample you create check out this helpful. You can even process external audio through the ASR while you play live or play back sequences. The EPS/ASR DVD teaches you about the 16-track sequencer that provides real time and looped recording modes, 96 PPQ clock resolution, auto-locate function. We even give you some advance editing tips, Record to RAM or SCSI hard drive with the simplicity of a tape-recorder, learn to punch-in/out, and use editing.

This DVD will show you the extraordinary capabilities of the EPS/EPS+/ARS/ASR-10.Now it's time to get busy and hookup our ASR10 so we can make a track to show you how to work it. Get your MIDI cables out for midi setup and hookup the audio cables as well. Next DOC gets out one of our sample kings sample CD's and we show you live sampling. Next lets loop the beat, now this process is a little complicated so watch carefully, always know what the length of your loop is, in terms of bars. Watch as DOC and the Wizard "O" show you how to get the tempo and get it right. There are many button moves in this DVD so take your time and understand which buttons we're pushing and why. One of the harder things to do is to quantize or do timing correction, this is important for syncing the ASR10 or EPS up watch as we explain how to get it right. Next we edit the amount of bars needed for the track and explain sequence edit. We also load in sounds form one of our ASR10 disk so we can add some drums to the loop. With the ASR10 or EPS you have all the same button moves so this DVD will help you understand the software for either machine. Next we pull out a sound module and go thru the process of setting up the ASR10 for midi, you need to set the midi channels so you can record them on to the track. then we mix the levels on both machines. This DVD goes step by step so you understand everything that you need to make great tracks on this classic musical instrument from Ensoniq.Buy Now!

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