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how to make a beat dvd


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The beat is the most basic instrumental part of all music yet it has the power to hold a song in place and make you tap your feet. This DVD explains, demonstrates, and teaches you about drum programming and using samples with drum programming. You will learn how to program beats like Timberland , I will show you what timing correction to use, how to play it, and ways to flip the beat, I even remake a timberland favorite of mine called "One in a Million" a song he did with Allyah, I remake the beat and all you have to do is watch and learn how to do it like timbo. I also do the swing beat which is a popular beat style used by teddy riley back in the day and many washington DC groups used and still use it. I also record music with the track using a triton keyboard and use an MPC1000 to show you what it takes to make music programming your instruments. This DVD covers it all so you can watch us do it and learn to do it the right way. I also used the samples that came along with the mpc1000 to make a beat, I set a tempo and create a track from the drums, guitars, basses, and keyboards checkout my timing correction and see how you can go from 1/16 note to 1/4 to make the right pattern. You always want to quantize your music this is the best way to make sure your beat is in sync. You need to understand how timing correction works to help you.

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