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PDF Manuals: MPC2000 Manual

The Roland SP555 in the latest in the SP series from Roland it includes new updated features like Loop Capture, and Super Filter. We got the SP555 in Decemeber 2009 and put it to the test we sampled some cd's and records and used all the new features and now we know just what it can and can't. This DVD covers everything you need to know teaching you how to sample, edit samples, trim samples to the right size, add effects, place them in a sequence, set the tempo (BPM) for your samples, how to put sequences into a song, save all your data to a compact flash card, how to load your files back on your SP555 and the best way to use the SP555. We cover setup using midi cables, use 2 1/4" audio cables, one power cable, etc. Just follow along with this step by step lesson plan and you can't go wrong. We cover it all to make it easy for you to learn the best way to use the Roland SP555.

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