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The Pro Tools 10 DVDs, are over 7.5 hours with lessons, covering all the steps That you need to understand to work the Pro Tools like a pro. We start with the startup of your system and Setup on your computer which includes memory and power setting understanding how to use the Quick Start Menu, Preferences Menu for setting up everything from Audio to MIDI, Display, Keyboard Controllers, and Control interfaces,Automation and more. You'll learn how to use the main windows for the Mix WIndow and the Edit Window to do everything from session start to the bascis of mixing amd mastering. Look below and see some of the lessons offered on these DVDs (5) that cover everything you need to know to work your Pro Tools 10.3.3 to record and create music. Check out a sample of our lessons in the preview videos below.

•Setup on Computer
•Memory & Power on your system
•Using the Quickstart Menu
•Setting up the Playback Engine
•I/O setup & Edit
•Understanding Preferences
•How to Import Audio
•New Session
•Using the MODES
•Work the Tools Bar
•Using Counters and Nudge
•Transport window
•Playback Engine
•Understanding I/O
•Mixing & Routing
•Audiosuite in Edit Window
•Recording audio
•Recording MIDI
•Editing Audio
•Editing MIDI
•Recording Takes & comps
•Punching in to replace bad audio
•Playlist and track regions
•Understanding MIDI
•Samples & Tick
•Inputs Outputs
•Signal paths, gain stages
•Importing Audio
•ImportingMIDI Files
•Importing session Data
•Importing CD Track
•Importing Video Files
•Latency and ADC
•edit record
•Understanding Quantizing
•Piano scroll window
•MIDI Editor
•Adding Effects
•Headphone Cue
•Assigning disk allocation
•Non-Destructive Edit
•Destructive Edit
•Using Elastic Audio
•Notes and compsition
•Tools for mixing and setup
•Routing audio signals for Mixing
•Working panning features
•Using Automation
•Aux Sends & Returns
•Automation Edit
•Bounce down and alt mixes

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