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Korg Triton DVD

Korg Triton instructional DVD


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PDF Manuals: Triton, Triton Quick Start

We like the cool sounds on the Triton they have a thick feel and easy to record, you can combine them and even edit the sounds in real-time with the four real-time control knobs. This DVD will show you everything you need to know about the Triton lessons include sampling, sample editing, sequencing your sounds in a song form, track editing, song form, how to use it with an MPC2000/XL, you'll learn ways to edit your sounds, how to use MIDI to record your sequence, and how to save and load your data. You'll learn to use MIDI, how to control the Triton thru midi with an MPC2000XL as your external controller, and everything you need to know for any studio situation. As always we also cover sampling on the Triton, how to get the right audio levels, whether to sample in stereo or mono, and the best way to edit your samples on the cool view screen. We even bring in our keyboardplayer Dave to play some graet patterns for you.

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