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After getting alot of request for an instructional DVD sereis for Ableton Live we just had to see what all the fuss was about. Now we understand this loop-based software sequencer does more then you think and in Live 8 a few more additions. Our Ableton 8.2 DVD series comes with 4 DVDs over 6.8 hours with 70+ lessons on the use of every feature from setup of audio and MIDI preferences with your interface to making a File for use as a CD or MP3 file for download, we even cover working with Maschne or Maschine Mikro as the controller. You'll learn more then you think including:

•Audio preferences
•MIDI preferences
•Optimizing A Computer
•Session view
•Working Live Browsers
•Working Live Scenes
•Live sets and Project
•Learning file management
•Saving Data •Exporting content
•Auditioning clips
•MIDI effects
•Setting up frequently used folders
•Recording and overdubbing MIDI
•Setting up groove in editing
•Preparing to record audio
•Recording audio
•Understanding Arrangement view
•Setting up groove in editing
•Preparing to record audio
•Understanding Arrangement view •Recording audio
•Arrangement view
•Session view to arrangement view record
•Working clips
•Working the Live mixer
•Using sends and returns
•Headphone Cues •Grouping tracks
•Using Effects devices
•Understanding EQ
•Compressors and dynamic processors
•Importing and exporting Live Packs
•Setting up effects chain
•rhythmic patterns using Arpeggiator
•Chord and Scale effects
•Automation and editing
•Warping audio
•Creating tracks that loop smoothly
•Exporting audio
•Freezing tracks
•Virtual Instruments
•Live and Rewire

Each lessons is step by step, easy to follow, and easy to understand helping you to master this great music production software. To learn and see more about our Ableton Instructional DVDs we setup a few of our videos lessons from our DVDs check them out below and start learning.

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