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These lessons on Reason are over 6 hours, lessons, covers everything in Reason 7 software. We start with the startup of your system and installing the reason software. Next we pull out our midi controller load it's drivers in to the system, we use an keyboaed controller, I explain how to use the midi controller, load up some .rx samples and loops that come with Reason and we start to build a beat with redrum. We explain step by step how to use: Audio recording/tracks: Unlimited with Time stretch and Transpose (audio clips)Instrument tracks: Unlimited plus Blocks modeFull-featured mixer with gain, 4-band EQ, 8 sends, inserts, master compressor with sidechain input, compressor, gate, low-pass and hi-pass filterMClass Mastering Suite with compressor, limiter, EQ, and stereo iSubtractor Redrum NN-XTCombinator Dr. Octo Rex NN-19 Kong Thor MalströmLine 6 guitar ampLine 6 bass amp Chorus/FlangerDelay Scream 4 Distortion RV7000 ReverbAlligator Pulveriser The Echo Neptune Vocoder BV512Phaser Foldback DistortionUnison Two-Band EQ, Compressor/LimiterEnvelope, FilterRV-7, Reverb Other devices including Mixer 14:2, Mixer 6:2, Regroove, Spider Audio & CV, Matrix, RPG-8 Arpeggiator1. Then we teach you how to use the sequencer to record and edit any mistakes in your recording. We setup a verse, chorus and a bridge to make a song. We add more music to our song then bounce down the song to make an audio file. These lessons cover everything you need to know to work your Reason 6 or 7 to create great music with no mistake. Lessons inclde:

•Setup on Computer
•Memory & Power on your computer system
•Working with Drives and Directoires
•Setting up the audio Interface
•Interfacing Reason & Record
•Understanding Thor
•How to use the Subtractor
•working Malstrom
•Using the NN-19
•Rocking Kong Drum Programming
•Combinator Lessons

•using Dr. Octo Rex
•Understanding Redrum•Mixing & Routing
•reMix MX 28-4-14
•Recording audio
•Using MicroMIX •Spider Audio
•Spider CV
•Takes recording and comping recording
•Punching in to replace bad audio
•Working Effects MClass Lessons
•Understanding MIDI
•Rewire with Pro Tools
•Working the RV-7 Reverb
•Using the RV 7000 Reverb
•Using DDL-1 Digital Delay Line
•Using ECF-42
•CF-101 Chorus Flanger
•PH-90 Phaser Effect •Step edit record
•Understanding Quantizing
•Piano scroll window
•PEQ-2 2 Band EQ
•Scream 4
•Importing prerecorded audio
•BV512 Vocoder
•Beat mapping the project
•Working with notes and compsition
•Tools for mixing and setup
•Routing audio signals
•Working panning features
•Working inserts EQ
•Aux Sends&Returns
•Bounce down and alt mixes

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